What is HGN (Horse Game Net)

HGN is an online horse game suitable for all ages, shaped as a virtual town.
Here you can own virtual horses, get jobs, build your ranch, manufacture tack and compete in shows.

How is it different than other games?

HGN lets its players do many more things than most of the other similar games:
  • Custom colors You can change the default colors of the game and see it in your unique way.
  • Guilds Each player is a member of one of the three guilds. The guilds give their members different skills and abilities that make them unique.
  • Multiple players You can create 3 players under the same account and switch between them without having to log off.
  • Partners In HGN the partners are players who can help you do things, like entering your horses in shows, making tack or feeding your horses.
    The key difference is that you do not have to share your password and they cannot sell your horses or harm your account in any way.
Goals in game Players have different goals in HGN. Some want to have the best horses, other players want to have the best skills, others just want to raise their virtual horses and talk with their friends.