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Player: Guest Xp: 11407/ Coins: 46247953 Game date: 7th of November, year 323
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  • Stats room
    - In this room you can see:
    • The total XP you have added to your horses this game month.
    • The total XP you can add this game month.
      - The limit depends on your player level and your skill.
      - This number limits the amount of XP you can add during a game month. The next month (real day) the number is set to 0, and you can start over.
    • The total XP you have added to your horses since you've started.
  • Practice room
    - Here you can practice your skill. Practicing does not add XP to your horses, but it is faster than the actual work, so you can advance your skill faster.
  • Work room
    - Here you can add more XP to your horses. For each of your horses you have a button that you can click.
      - The amount of XP added depends on your skill.
      - If your skill is 20% then you will add 20xp.
      - Also note that not all the attempts are successful and that they also depend on the skill: 20% skill means you have 20% chance to add the XP. The higher your skill is, the easier is to add xp, but it becomes harder to advance.
    Note: Horses can only receive a limited amount of XP. The limit is based on the horse level. The higher the level is, the more XP the horse can get.