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Player: Guest Xp: 4509/ Coins: 58491232 Game date: 21st of October, year 364
Create show
  • Show Name: this is what your show will be called.
  • Show Type: this is the type of show such as dressage, racing, or even a halter show.
  • Cash Prize: this is how many coins those who win will receive. (this is for all the winners, not just the first one). It must be at least 20 times higher than the entrance fee or the minimum level.
  • Entrance Fee: how many coins each person will pay to enter a horse.
  • Minimum Level: this will set the lowest level of horse that can enter. If you would like it to be a low level show, you can set it at 1 and only horses between levels 1 and 4 can enter. If you set the minimum level to 10, only horses of levels 10 to 13 can enter.
  • Nightly shows: If checked the game will create the shows for you. The shows will not be created instantly, instead they will be created later, when the game is not busy. You must specify how many shows you want to create
    Note that the scheduled shows are 20% more expensive than the regular ones.
Nightly shows