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Player: Guest Xp: 157/1000 Coins: 57767682 Game date: 11th of May, year 362

Guest the wannabe rider (#2)
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Guild Level XPAgeModeHorsesCoins
Rider1157361 years, 4 months and 3 days Basic057767682
Guest needs to get 843 more xp's in order to advance to level 2, has entered 23275 shows and manufactured 0 items.

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Your next goal in the game: Advance to level 2 (Town Hall access)

Things to do at level 1 Things to learn
  • Go to the stable to see your horse.
  • Play games.
  • Go to the goldsmith and open an account.
  • Go to the market and learn how it works.
  • Learn how to enter your horse in shows. (go to your stable)
  • Learn how to vote and earn coins. (go to the goldsmith)
  • Learn how to buy from the market. (go to the market)
  • Learn how to send letters. (go to the post office)

How to advance levels:
  • Enter your horse in many shows (You need to enter about 100 shows to advance to level 2)
  • You can buy a second horse.
  • You get access to the Town Hall where the community chest is.