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Howdy. Name is Fawkes. (Yes, it is from HP.) I breed any horses. I don't train in any shape or form or create custom horses. I am a vet and you may have seen me on the Top Players List. Check out my horses; I am very proud of them. =] Any questions? Mail me!

About the Ranch

I don't discriminate. Breed anything. If you want me to look at your horses kindly mail me with the Level, and Age. I'll take it from there.

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So, I accept all friend requests. I like all the people on my friends list and hope they like me. *crosses fingers* =)


After many long weeks of not being here, I am glad to say that I'll be on for a while. Got new horses and I'll try and train and breed them when I can.


Layouy by Loren @ Horse Spirit