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Player: Guest Xp: 8446/ Coins: 59615232 Game date: 21st of July, year 368

Welcome to the HGN Services Area!

You can:
  • Have your horses checked by a vet - Visit the vet clinic
  • Have your horses fed by stablehands - Visit the HGN stable
  • Become a vet - Visit the Vets area under HGN Jobs
  • Become a stablehand - Visit the Stablehands area under HGN Jobs

HGN Jobs
  • Vets are responsible with the health of the horses. They will vet horses or treat them for injuries.
  • Stablehands are responsible with the happiness of the horses. They can feed them, groom them or clean the stables.
Note 1: A player can have only one job, so you cannot be a vet and a stablehand at the same time.
Note 2: To select the desired area look at the HGN Services menu on the toolbar above
Note 3: You can see what you can do here from the HGN Services menu above.