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Player: Guest Xp: 7961/ Coins: 56167682 Game date: 22nd of January, year 357

Guest the beginner rider (#2)
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Guild Level XPAgeModeHorsesCoins
Rider37961356 years and 13 days Basic056167682
Guest needs to get 1039 more xp's in order to advance to level 4, has entered 23275 shows and manufactured 0 items.

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Help line (ask a moderator)

Your next goal in the game: Advance to level 4 (The magnifying glass)

How to do that:
  • Enter your horse in many shows.
  • You can have 4 horses.
  • Using the magnifying glass you can find:
    • Players
    • Shops
    • Friends
    • Clubs
    • ...etc