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Player: Guest Xp: 3619/ Coins: 58491232 Game date: 20th of October, year 364

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Duration: 3 game years
Price: 1 credit

The bottle of endless joy

Every game month the bottle will make the horse that owns it happier by 15 points.
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Duration: 4 game years
Price: 2 credits

Orb of Illusion

This orb allows the owner of a horse to temporarily change the traits of the horse carrying it. When the orb expires the horse's traits are restored.
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Duration: 4 game years
Price: 2 credits

The horn of indifference

The magical horn allows the horse carrying it to enter a wider range of shows. A level 10 horse carrying it, would be able to enter shows between levels 4 and 13
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Duration: 2 game years
Price: 10 credits

The medallion of life

While wearing this magical medallion a retired horse will temporarily be un-retired and will be allowed to show, breed etc.
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